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Electronic data interchange in healthcare is a secure electronic medium of communicating data between healthcare organizations, payers, and patients using specific messaging standards and formats. Healthcare EDI software accelerates all the workflows that happen amongst organizations involved in healthcare by enabling a fast, paperless mode of information exchange. The concept of an electronic data interchange solution is decades old but faces problems due to hundreds of messaging standards. There was conversion, interoperability, high IT overhead, and data security problems. The current version of the EDI solution standardized messaging to enable seamless information exchange.  

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Electronic data interchange (EDI) streamlines the health claims process, helping the healthcare organization in the USA run smoothly and more profitably. Compliance with HIPAA regulations and ANSI standards is a key part of any enterprise’s EDI System Development structure. EDI modernization has a huge impact on the speed and efficiency of claims resolution and overall workings of a clearinghouse. Healthcare EDI System Development modernization can help in streamlining the operations by enhancing submissions onboarding, processing, and reconciliation, with an independent console for claims exception management across the USA. It improves accuracy by providing deep visibility into transactions and metadata, while allowing automatic review, flagging, and error corrections for diverse EDI formats. OSP’s custom-made healthcare EDI solutions can reconcile data transactions and provides real-time data on transaction status and HIPAA compliance.

Our Electronic Data Interchange solutions employ mapping to integrate clinical data to the accepted EDI standards in the USA. We utilize the Application Program Interface (API) as an alternative method for mapping. The API is more efficient than mapping as its directly connected to the business applications database and can help to avoid the need to import/export. Being one of the renowned healthcare EDI companies in the USA, OSP’s healthcare EDI solutions help to implement EDI/X12 transaction across payers, providers as well as clearinghouses in the USA. Our team of expert EDI specialists in the USA can develop a full-proof system of EDI gateway that has the potential to implement 834, 837, 820, 835 successfully, 27x, 274 transactions. We help to reconcile multiple sources of Healthcare data with CMS, Medicare, state, exchanges, and providers.

Analyzing EDI System Development records effectively assess the variances at the file and database level is the need of the hour. Many find managing bigger batches of claims data while eliminating the dependencies on the applications is highly challenging. We help with our custom-made healthcare EDI solutions by employing heuristic parsing algorithms to conduct the required file comparisons and automatically test the EDI files for errors. A smart reporting mechanism can be developed to mark EDI-related data comparisons and variations in the EDI file and the database. We engineer next-gen EDI in healthcare with scalability in tests to add or remove additional claims of files. The advanced tools, metrics, and techniques are specifically designed for EDI to allow stakeholders to track the statuses of projects.  Our healthcare EDI solutions help in expediated test automation with positive ROI gains across the USA.

Electronic data exchange in healthcare is a long and complicated process where workflow management and security are of paramount importance. To capitalize on the transfer of health EDI data, an easy-to-use EDI reporting and analyzing feature makes a better difference. Customized dashboards and ‘Schema-on-Read’ technology’ can be leveraged to view data on demand and track EDI activities. OSP can program top-notch healthcare EDI solutions with inbound analytics and reporting module across the USA. It can provide a real-time monitoring console and reporting dashboard for more thorough compliance auditing. Comparative remittance analytics can be delivered through easy-to-understand EDI reporting formats. We strive to help you with customized reports that enable you to access, analyze, and track EDI data and performance.

Visualizing the EDI System Development integration and management is highly important to have a clear and complete picture of your organization’s electronic data interchange. We help you gain access to real-time web-based healthcare data visibility to detect errors and uncover market trends in the USA to enhance your decision making. OSP can engineer electronic data interchange solutions to empower the ecosystem of healthcare stakeholders in the USA by allowing them to visualize their data intuitively, supporting a high standard of self-service capability, and reducing call volume. The real-time data access enables the stakeholders with robust decision-making ability and boosts the operational workflow. With the interactive dashboard, you can track every 837 files, claim, and line item. Our custom healthcare EDI software in the USA offers flexible and advanced dashboard templates to review work in progress claims, daily rejection, examiner productivity view, denial reasons, and analysis, etc.

It is mandatory for healthcare organizations in the USA to follow HIPAA and HL78 compliance while sending or receiving X12 EDI files. The electronic exchange of valid documents between diverse healthcare partners across the USA with greater accuracy is highly essential. We can healthcare EDI software helping you to quickly establish if a message is valid or not and provides you with the correct position and reason for any errors. We engineer healthcare EDI solutions with custom validation attributes that check for mandatory items and regulatory compliance, too many or too few repetitions, data type or EDI code of a data element, and the correct length of EDI, etc. Our validation engine first assesses EDI for structural changes such as missing trailer segments or reference number matching. Then it evaluates all items in the DOM tree and executes the pre-defined validation logic for each attribute.


It is an understatement to say that healthcare in the United States is complicated. When a patient walks into a hospital for treatment, there is access to EHR, prescription of tests, submissions of claims, and so on. All of these activities entail the exchange of medical information between concerned entities. OSP can build electronic data exchange platforms to accelerate all the workflows in healthcare by enabling rapid data exchange between providers and payers.     

The safety and integrity of patients’ health information are important not only from a clinical standpoint but also from a legal one. Loss or misuse of data can result in serious legal consequences like fines and imprisonment. In light of this, the EDI tools for healthcare that we can develop to ensure that the information exchanged between stakeholders is safe. This safety is achieved through established protocols and standards that facilitate privacy and integrity.

Using an electronic data interchange solution in healthcare eliminates the need for physical documentation to be stored, transported, handled, filed, or retrieved. By minimizing the need for managing physical papers, a healthcare organization greatly accelerates the speed of operations while also minimizing human errors. By avoiding the need for physical document management, an EDI solution reduces the operating overhead and, ultimately, the cost of care.

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