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A healthcare developer is a programmer who designs and develops software applications for the healthcare industry. These applications could be for computers, smartphones, or web apps used by doctors, patients, payers, or other professionals working in healthcare. Software for the medical industry is designed for digitizing workflows like appointment management, medical billing, practice management, admissions and discharge, prescriptions, and so on. The job of a healthcare app developer involves understanding workflows and building applications for carrying out those workflows. This makes it necessary for health app developers to ensure that their software is user-friendly and navigable.   

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The involvement of patients has an impact on the outcomes of treatments. Research has shown that patient engagement results in patients taking better care of themselves. OSP’s mobile health app developers can build an interactive patient engagement system to improve the rapport between healthcare providers and their patients. This platform has features like medication reminders, appointment reminders, and chatbots that allow patients to speak to their doctors for any other clarification after their consultation.  

Engagement with their physicians makes people more aware of their conditions and motivates them to participate in their care better. OSP can create these applications to be compatible with Android and iOS platforms.  

Senior care is a major concern in the United States as tens of millions of elders are expected to be by the end of this decade. However, there is a shortage of home care providers in the industry. Being a healthcare mobile app development company, OSP can address this concern by building HIPAA-compliant solutions to help elders find caregivers in minutes. Our applications connect patients and caregivers, as well as the families of patients, to improve healthcare management for elders.   

By incorporating features like live location tracking, emergency response, health monitoring, and electronic payments, we make sure that seniors can lead healthy, independent lives in old age.  

Electronic health record (EHR) software contains patients’ health data in digital format. It can be incorporated into other medical software using custom APIs that enable electronic data exchange. This is called healthcare interoperability, and a healthcare app developer can leverage it to enable medical apps to exchange data and work together cohesively. OSP’s healthcare mobile app developers can develop smartphone-based solutions for doctors to view patients’ health data on their phones.  

This is beneficial when using mobile-based telemedicine solutions or remote patient monitoring software. Providers using them can view, update, and share health records while delivering care services remotely. As a result, it ultimately leads to better medical records management.  

Remote patient monitoring (RPM) is the tracking and observation of patient health outside of conventional clinical settings. A custom healthcare app developer or a team can build RPM solutions to enable physicians to monitor health vitals like blood pressure, heart rate, glucose levels, and other stats remotely on their phones. Being a market leader as a healthcare mobile application development corporation, OSP can design and build such platforms for Android and iOS platforms.  

An added advantage of using RPM applications is the option of using healthcare analytics solutions to assess health data. Medical informatics lets providers know which patients are at higher risk of disease and conduct early-stage treatments. Doing so improves clinical outcomes, lowers costs, and optimizes population health management.    

Fitness applications enable people to monitor their progress with factors like distance jogging, the number of steps taken, calorie intake, etc. Coupled with wearable IoT-driven gadgets, users can also track vitals like heart rate and body temperature and several steps to track their progress better. OSP’s mobile medical app developers can build fitness-tracking applications and use technologies for cloud computing in healthcare to store users’ vitals on the cloud. This will allow our users to check their progress and modify their routines.  

An added benefit of using a secure cloud is the ability to analyze the data and derive valuable insights about fitness training. 

Telehealth uses digital and telecommunications technologies to deliver and access healthcare services remotely. In other words, patients can use telehealth applications to connect with their doctors remotely and have virtual consultations. It is hugely beneficial for people living in remote locations who can’t afford specialist care. Being a leading healthcare app developer, OSP can design custom telehealth applications for Windows, Android, and iOS operating systems.   

Our team of medical app developers can integrate other solutions like EHR and e-prescriptions with the telehealth platform to improve the quality of remote care. If multiple providers can share patient data on telehealth apps, it can enhance care coordination and accelerate the adoption of integrated healthcare solutions.


Having a healthcare software developer either in-house or on an ad-hoc basis offers rapid technical support in case of unexpected downtimes. After building numerous applications for over a decade, OSP understands the importance of business continuity and offers medical app developers a way to handle technical difficulties. Our services ensure that our clients can continue to serve their customers without hassle.

Being a market-leading healthcare app developer OSP is well-versed in all stages of software development. We have built end-to-end medical software solutions for a wide range of applications to serve every stakeholder in the healthcare industry. Our mobile health app developers bring years of experience and insight to make your applications user-friendly and intuitive. We provide leading programming expertise for clients on either a permanent or temporary basis to boost their capacity and accelerate the application development process.

OSP has built a wide array of healthcare software solutions for clinical and administrative workflows. We understand the need for navigability and intuitive UI/UX and conduct comprehensive testing to ensure that our users have the best experience. Our teams of mobile medical app developers possess a keen sense of user requirements derived from a decade of building applications.   

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