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Healthcare consulting services help healthcare organizations tackle common and critical challenges. Healthcare consulting firms are more like advisors to clients in the health industry. OSP can offer healthcare software consulting services to providers, payers, and other healthcare stakeholders, helping them overcome potential risks and obstacles in delivering quality patient care and reducing care costs. Our primary aim as a medical consulting company is to enable organizations/practices to make better and quicker decisions and reap multiple benefits. We can offer health software consulting services, which include Epic consulting, Cerner consulting, revenue cycle management consulting, and more.

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OSP can offer digital health consulting services that will assist providers in meeting the expectations of today’s patients. Since patients today want to be involved in their care journey, digital health has become a widely accepted technology. We can provide healthcare consulting to hospitals, clinics, and other practices in implementing advanced digital health solutions. We understand users need access to convenient, equitable, and affordable health care, regardless of geographical location and digital health solutions such as telemedicine, remote patient monitoring, and mHealth apps are effective for this.

Our dedicated team at OSP can excel in providing health consulting for these different digital health solutions. We can also create intelligent, cloud-based systems to increase resource capacity and productivity. Besides, we can seamlessly connect data across channels, providing the foundation for personalized services.

OSP can offer EHR integration consulting to help organizations effectively deploy EHR/EMR solutions. Our team of experienced consultants has deep knowledge of EHR/EMR systems Integration and HL/7 interfacing, with comprehensive experience in implementation, optimization, upgrade, and support. At OSP, we understand the vital role that HIS plays in patient care, and we are committed to ensuring that providers make the most of their HIS investment.

With OSP’s healthcare technology consulting expertise, we can employ proven methodologies and standardization strategies to optimize HIS. This results in streamlined workflows and improved efficiency for end-users. Our consultants can work with organizations of all sizes, offering flexibility in resource allocation to meet unique project requirements. Whether you need Interface Engine Optimization, System Migration Leadership and Support, or Custom Non-HL/7 Interfaces, OSP can provide proper consultations/advice that will enhance patient safety and elevate the quality of care.

OSP can offer customized operational transformation consulting services to address the modern needs of businesses in the healthcare sector. The key aspects of operational transformation are process improvement, technology integration, data analytics, patient-centered care, value-based care, interoperability, change management, and regulatory compliance. We can facilitate these transformations through our healthcare IT consulting services. Our healthcare software consulting services will help you integrate these aspects and capture opportunities.

With OSP’s consulting services, providers can have control over appointment booking software to simplify patient-doctor interactions. Besides, practitioners can also manage e-prescription software to enhance medication and hospital management systems for efficient workflow management. We can also help facilities streamline financial processes, which can drive efficiency and improve the quality of care.

OSP can offer consulting for healthcare organizations that will enable them to improve analytics and drive sustainable results. We can design and develop detailed healthcare analytics strategies to optimize data analytics, clinical decision support, population health management, and predictive analytics systems with data security and privacy. We can support healthcare organizations throughout the project design, implementation, and development stages. Our healthcare consulting software can empower practitioners to make informed decisions by facilitating a self-service business intelligence culture.

We can also develop a data governance program to help stakeholders access and use relevant data in their decision-making process. Moreover, our healthcare IT consultation services can improve data quality. We can evaluate current data availability, storage, and analysis processes. Besides, we can provide recommendations and interventions to boost data confidence. At OSP, we can help you leverage healthcare analytics to improve provider/payer collaboration, eliminate risks, and increase your data technology investments.

At OSP, we understand the importance of healthcare security, as it plays a crucial role in safeguarding sensitive patient data. OSP can offer healthcare security consulting services to help clinics enhance their cybersecurity comprehensively. We can develop strategies by integrating data protection, risk assessment, regulatory compliance, cybersecurity strategies, and security awareness training. We can also build custom software with a threat detection and monitoring system to identify suspicious behavior.

Our healthcare security consultation can cover various capabilities, from securing the clinic and patient data to safeguarding care delivery experiences. We can assist organizations in building security from within as they transition to the cloud, which offers ransomware and incident response services to detect and defend against cyber threats. Besides, we can offer strategies to streamline identity management, access management, and secure medical devices through digital identity and IoMT security. Furthermore, our managed security can help healthcare organizations scale security and compliance while managing costs effectively.

OSP can offer healthcare consulting services that can boost patient relationships. Providers can improve patient relationships by focusing on patient-centered care through health-tracking mobile applications, nutrition-tracking apps, health education software, and customized patient portals. OSP understands the important role of technology in engagement between healthcare organizations and their patients. Through our patient relationship consulting services, we can help providers engage in proactive communication and empower users to take control of their well-being.

At OSP, we can offer effective healthcare consulting services that include feedback and surveys, appointment management, patient retention, and satisfaction, adding extra value for patients. Patients can access their health EHR and EMR data, resulting in better engagement. We can also offer consultation for designing mobile apps with intuitive interfaces and useful features. These apps can streamline patients’ daily healthcare routines, manage physical wellness, special diets, appointments, online payment, and access vital health information.


One of the important benefits of healthcare consulting services is better patient care. Our expert consultants can offer effective consultations to simplify patient intake and onboarding, manage appointments and walk-in systems, and identify areas where staff can improve service quality. We also present actionable recommendations to the clinicians for improved patient management. With OSP, you can enhance efficiency, and external perspective and training bring valuable insights, especially in this modern industry.

We can ensure better business acumen in providers through our healthcare IT consultation services. While clinicians prioritize patient care, our services help practitioners look into business aspects. We can bridge this gap by providing the best business recommendations and assistance in managing important aspects like negotiating contracts with managed care organizations, monitoring reimbursement levels, and developing strategic business models. We will also guide managing growth and profit-loss considerations. We assure you that we will bring a unique perspective that most healthcare practices can leverage to their advantage.

We can stimulate workflow and productivity by conducting comprehensive analyses to ensure every staff member contributes effectively. We can overcome the challenges of internal biases by implementing unbiased third-party perspective results. These assessments will evaluate current productivity levels, identify areas of strength and weakness, develop improvement recommendations, and implement necessary changes while recognizing and rewarding what is already working. With OSP's healthcare consulting services, you can increase overall productivity across the organization.

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Healthcare Consulting Services


Assessment of the IT Ecosystem

  • Conduct a thorough analysis of the current IT domain
  • Evaluate the business needs and existing operational workflows
  • Review the existing IT components, data flows, and security
  • Offer comprehensive guidance to providers on optimizing the IT ecosystem
  • Leverage compliance advice on regulations like HIPAA, HITECH, FDA, GDPR, MDR, IVDR, and SAMHSA

IT Strategy Consulting

  • Facilitate comprehensive analysis of business needs and plan IT initiatives
  • Develop an efficient healthcare IT strategy
  • Create an implementation roadmap to ensure improved IT performance
  • Ensure optimized solutions for seamless workflows
  • Plan for software integration and compliance guidance on healthcare regulations

Health Solutions Consulting

  • Facilitate in-depth analysis of providers' needs and operational processes
  • Create a technical design of different health solutions and integrations (EHR, CRM, revenue management software, etc.)
  • Develop an estimate for medical software costs and ROI analysis
  • Offer compliance guidance on the current healthcare regulations and protocols
  • Provider optional healthcare software implementation and user training

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Frequently Asked Questions

Healthcare consulting firms assist providers in transitioning to value-based care by ensuring stakeholder commitment, creating realistic timelines, and advocating Health Information Technology. They offer value-based care consulting services, facilitating collaboration and maximizing reimbursements to improve patient care outcomes and financial performance.

Data analytics is integral to healthcare consulting, aiding providers in informed decision-making for enhanced patient care, reduced costs, and improved outcomes. Common techniques include predictive and prescriptive analytics, clinical data analytics, big data analytics, and data management, enabling the identification of patient risk reduction opportunities and patterns for cost reduction. Additionally, business intelligence leverages data analytics to enhance healthcare organization operations, from practitioner evaluation to outbreak prediction, ultimately optimizing costs and business performance.

Healthcare consulting firms can encounter technical challenges during EHR system implementation. Inadequate IT infrastructure may lead to integration, data migration, and connectivity issues. Resistance to change and staff hesitance can hinder adoption rates. Additionally, technical difficulties like cost overruns, timeline disturbances, and interoperability issues can disrupt workflows and pose data risks, necessitating careful planning and promotion strategies during EHR implementation.

Consulting firms are vital in achieving interoperability in healthcare systems and devices. They assess the current state of interoperability, develop customized strategies, and implement solutions to facilitate secure data exchange between healthcare organizations. Additionally, healthcare technology consulting enhances patient care and cost-effectiveness. Consulting firms also provide essential training and ongoing support to ensure the effective utilization of interoperability solutions by healthcare providers.

Healthcare consultants facilitate establishing and operating Health Information Exchanges by assessing their current state, designing customized strategies, and implementing HIE solutions for secure data exchange among healthcare organizations. Their services include HIE consulting to enhance decision-making, patient care, and cost-efficiency. Moreover, consultants offer vital training and ongoing support to ensure the effective utilization of HIE solutions by healthcare providers.

Healthcare consulting firms facilitate digital transformation by helping organizations establish a strategic roadmap aligned with their objectives. They assess the digital landscape, identify improvement areas, and implement secure data exchange solutions. Consulting services include informed decision-making, improved patient care, and cost reduction. Firms also offer essential training and ongoing support to ensure the effective utilization of digital solutions by healthcare organizations.

Healthcare consultants recommend various technical strategies for optimizing revenue cycle management. These include employing revenue cycle analytics for better visibility, workflow automation to streamline tasks, improving front-end processes for faster payments, leveraging technology like RCM software and EHRs, and outsourcing for more efficient management, particularly for smaller healthcare organizations with limited resources.

Healthcare consulting firms are vital in helping organizations establish effective IT governance frameworks. They assist in developing policies and procedures, assessing the current state of IT governance, creating strategies aligned with business objectives, implementing solutions for secure technology management, and providing consulting services to enhance decision-making, efficiency, patient care, and cost reduction in healthcare IT governance.

When recommending cloud solutions to healthcare organizations, healthcare consultants must prioritize several necessary considerations. These include ensuring HIPAA compliance to protect patient health information, strong security measures to prevent unauthorized access, adherence to legal and regulatory requirements, seamless integration with existing systems, and scalability to accommodate evolving needs without compromising performance or security. These factors collectively contribute to a successful and secure transition to cloud-based solutions in healthcare.

The extensive adoption of telehealth and telemedicine has significantly influenced the landscape of healthcare consulting services. This shift has increased demand for telehealth consulting, focusing on strategy development, implementation, and assessment. The increased accessibility of healthcare services through telehealth has also created a need for consulting services to manage this surge in demand effectively. Furthermore, as telehealth improves patient outcomes and prompts technology investments, consulting firms play a pivotal role in helping healthcare organizations choose the right telehealth solutions while addressing security and reimbursement, ensuring a seamless transition to telehealth services.

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