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Digital health wallets are simplified individual portals that enable patients to store and manage their health information electronically. And more importantly, digital wallets ensure faster and more convenient payments. In healthcare, a personal health wallet is an exceptional digital health tool that allows patients to pay providers anywhere, anytime. Also, these wallets enable them to access their health records online from anywhere. For providers, digital health wallets are also quite beneficial. It helps providers with cost savings and reduces paperwork. These seamlessly connect with a payment gateway to transfer card data into the wallet for further transactions. It may enable providers to access patient transactions and health record details easily. OSP can custom-build an agile digital health wallet with HIPAA compliance to enhance patient experience and streamline operations. 

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Patients with health wallet apps can easily get all information related to health plans, insurance providers, benefits and coverage, claims and billing, prescription drug coverage, and more. We can design digital wallets to provide all this information at a centralized location. Patient users can make informed decisions about their health and well-being with this information. Patients can smartly choose their providers and even understand their out-of-pocket costs for specific services. Besides, they can also keep track of their claims and billings, medications under coverage, and overall healthcare costs. OSP’s team of experts can develop digital health wallets to help users and providers aim for cost savings without compromising quality care. 

Today the healthcare market is expanding rapidly, with a wide spectrum of services available. Now it takes time to find the right services at the right price. A personal health wallet may help. Like mHealth apps, the health wallet app can also help users find and compare prices of different healthcare services. We can seamlessly integrate a health market feature into digital wallets that will benefit both users and providers.   

Providers can list their services and the best prices, allowing patients to compare and choose. While patients can get the most affordable providers, providers will also know about the existing market rates to deal with competition. Overall, the health market feature integrated into digital health wallets mainly brings transparency to quality care. 

Integrating the health market, including prescription (Rx) market elements in digital wallet apps, is also beneficial. At OSP, we can tailor a digital wallet for patient health records with this prescription market feature to allow individuals to search and compare the prices of medications. It helps them find the best medication prices and save money.   

Similarly, pharmacy providers and other regular practices partnered with pharmacies can list the prices for different prescription drugs. And this enables users to search the specific drugs and find the prices pharmacies charge. This gives a special advantage to those who must pay out-of-pocket for their medications or have high deductibles. Also, it can help providers in population health management. Besides, digital health wallets can also offer embedded manufacturer discount codes to ensure more savings.

Digital healthcare payments wallet integrated with telehealth can empower patients and providers. We can integrate this feature into the digital wallet app to enable patients to access a wide network of licensed doctors. And connect with them via phone or video call quite easily. Providers widely accept telehealth technology, and patients today also prefer it.   

Leveraging telehealth services on a digital health wallet platform can enable providers to save money by offering remote care and including healthcare payment and care delivery in just one app. Overall, this integration in a health wallet app can provide convenience and more accessibility to care options. 

Integrated healthcare systems are a boon in today’s care setting. Similarly, we can build healthcare wallet solutions and integrate them with providers’ existing healthcare systems, such as electronic health records. Moreover, it will enable individuals to access their health records and information from providers. And EHR integration will also enable providers to view patient information in real-time.   

This integration allows individuals to view their medical history, lab test results, medications, and all other health-related information. With better and unprecedented access to health information, both parties, providers and patients, can make informed decisions.   

Often, individuals require a health expert’s guidance. And if a practice offers this service via digital tools like the health wallet app, they can be sure of high patient satisfaction. OSP’s custom digital health wallet can assure providers of this by integrating the ‘Talk to Health Expert’ feature. This feature can help individuals easily connect with a network of medical experts via text or over a call.   

Integration of this feature in a digital health wallet can help patients to get immediate advice and opinions about their health concerns, allowing them to make informed decisions. Moreover, patients can also have real-time conversations with medical experts without visiting the facility. This feature, integrated with the health wallet app, ensures convenience and improves the patient experience.


OSP's digital health wallet is all about convenience and easy access to health information. It eliminates the requirement for physical documents and ensures healthcare interoperability too. Individuals using digital healthcare wallets can easily send payments and view crucial information without hindrance.

With a clear view of the cost of healthcare services and medications, digital health wallets can increase savings. Providers can save more through its features like telehealth and chatting with medical experts. We can ensure that digital health wallets increase providers' and patients' savings and allow them to make better care decisions.

Digital health wallets can improve patient engagement levels as well. We can build health wallets to give users better control over their health information. Moreover, the health wallet can enable patients to monitor their health status, keep an eye on their progress and easily communicate with healthcare providers.

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