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The laboratory information system, or LIS, is a healthcare software solution that captures, manages, stores, tracks, and updates patients’ pathology test data. Clinical laboratories handle various chores and generate ample patient data, which this healthcare software solution handles efficiently. As a custom healthcare solutions provider, we can tailor LIS software to store and track samples, manage patient data, control quality, transfer results directly to the EHR and ensure accuracy. This will hugely benefit laboratory service providers and patients.   

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Sample management is one of the most significant offerings of (LIS) laboratory information systems. At OSP, we know that a patient’s test sample might travel from one department to another. So, it’s crucial to keep a tab on these test samples to avoid any chances of error.   

Since we understand this, we can tailor the laboratory information system (LIS) with this feature. Through healthcare automation technology, the LIS software can digitally track the patients’ samples and maintain a thorough record of them. Besides we can also include other related information about the sample, like the collection date, quantity, storage details, etc. Such organized management of test samples will hardly leave room for human errors.   

Like most healthcare providers’ solutions, laboratory information systems also capture a large amount of patient data. When patients come for pathological or anatomical tests, their basic personal information, diagnosis, and other test-related data are collected. We can engineer LIS software solutions that effectively manage and store patient data.   

Besides, we will also ensure complete protection of patients’ personal information. Keeping patient information secure will also protect the providers from any security breaches. As we offer HIPAA-compliant solutions, we can build customized LIS software that complies with these regulations. And this feature in the LIS system will also ensure reliable access to the data and smooth operations without disrupting the lab workflows.

We understand that patient-specific clinical laboratories have to deal with many tests. Day-to-day operations include receiving test orders ranging from hematology, chemistry, microbiology, toxicology, immunology, public health, and many others. We also know that lab staff struggles to maintain and track these orders.   

Integrating the laboratory information system software with order management and tracking features with greatly help laboratory staff. We can assure you that this clinical lab software will track every test order. Further, it can also maintain details related to the test order, such as type, patient details, the time required, costs, etc. Including such a feature in lab information systems will reduce lab staff’s administrative burden, ensure better efficiency, and minimize the chances of errors.   

Integrating LIS solutions with EHR for HL7 order transfers proves to be greatly beneficial for service providers. When labs provide physicians with external ordering systems to place their orders, there are higher chances of errors. And the physicians might have to re-do the tasks, which becomes exhausting, and the chances of mistakes persist. We assure you that integrating LIS with EHR or EMR through a demographic interface will be helpful in many ways.   

Through this integration, the laboratory information system/ lab information management system will get clean and updated information in the EHR. We promise that patient demographic data extracted from the EHR and transferred directly into LIS systems will save staff time and energy. 

Another crucial functionality of laboratory information systems we can provide is tracking clinical test results. It benefits all stakeholders- physicians, patients, laboratory information system companies, and lab staff. When laboratory administrative staff manages test results manually, the chances of errors are high. And that can further lead to an incorrect diagnosis, deterioration in patients’ condition, chances of rehospitalization, unnecessary costs, and more.   

Clinical test results data storage and visualization must be accurate like other medical records management systems. We can custom-build LIS software that can effectively track clinical test results. We’ll also ensure that the laboratory information system provides the test results to physicians and patients on time. This feature will save time and effort to a great extent.   

We understand how important it’s for laboratory information system companies to maximize reimbursements. Often due to human errors, LIS companies face claims denials and financial losses. However, simple connectivity between LIS software and medical billing system can solve the problem. We can engineer the LIS solutions with the medical billing system to ensure proper reimbursement.   

We will ensure that lab staff can spend hours on something other than entering billing data, as all these will be automatically imported. That means there are fewer chances of any error. And lab staff can focus on submitting claims to insurance companies, which will boost their productivity, and the laboratory company gets paid faster and more accurately.   


Clinical labs have to handle multiple tasks every day. It includes patient data entry, tracking orders and samples, providing results, and so on. The laboratory information system we can build will take care of all these tasks. At OSP, we can tailor the software to handle these tasks efficiently and help providers deliver the best experience. Indeed, the lab information system we will develop will make the lab staff's job easier.

Laboratory tasks like record keeping and data transfer often result in errors. And such errors and mistakes tend to impact companies hugely, as they face financial losses and poor patient experience. But the LIS software we can offer will ensure accuracy and leave no room for errors. Besides, we'll ensure that the software undertakes tasks well-planned. This will guarantee smoother workflows and management.

When lab staff gets relieved of manual jobs like entering patient details, billing information, or case history from EHR, they will get exhausted and commit mistakes. OSP can change this by tailoring the lab information software solutions that will conduct these tasks automatically. Automatic entry of patient data from EHR and direct exchange of billing information from medical billing systems can make staff's job easier. And it will increase their productivity.

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